About us

Teros = Terra (earth) + Eros (love)

Teros combines the latin word for earth, terra with the greek word for love, eros.

We are delighted you found us and want your experience with Teros to be fantastic. 

We are your number one source for healthy, green and fair-trade products. We also provide practical classes throughout the year covering skills like fermenting, cheesemaking, brewing, raw chocolate and even bee keeping.

Our vision

Teros exists to help our customers lead a healthier and greener lifestyle. At the core of how we work are service, trust, inspiration and great products. We diligently research and carefully select products that meet green, ethical and healthy criteria including:

  • It promotes or enhance sustainable practices
  • It enhances physical and mental health
  • It is made of natural, organic, sustainable, biodegradable or recycled material
  • It is manufactured in a way that is sustainable and fair
  • It can be used to improve energy or water efficiency
  • Preferably, it is made in our region or supports local economies and
  • It does not contain harmful chemicals and its production does not produce harmful by-products.

Teros was founded in November 2014 by four locals who desired to bring to Hobart a source of inspiration to live a healthier and greener lifestyle.

We pride ourselves here on our ability to provide outstanding service built on knowledge and trust.

Thank you for connecting with the Teros community!​​​