Our Purpose



Our Teros name combines the Latin word for earth -terra, with the Greek word for love- eros.

Therefore, Teros means “love the earth” and this is our core purpose


We want to make a real difference for OUR planet. 

We want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. We want to help others to be part of the solution too. Individually and collectively we can make a HUGE difference.

We find products and solutions that are better for our planet, better for nature, and better for us too!

We share our knowledge so others can live more sustainably and make the right choices for themselves.

We give back to the local community and support environmental actions.

We lead the way at being a responsible and sustainable business.

Our Values


Our purpose and values lead our business and are central when making decisions and taking actions.

Our values are:

  • Love the earth

  • Kindness to the natural world

  • Kindness to ourselves and others

  • Be part of positive change

  • Tread lightly

  • Share our knowledge

  • Inspire and encourage

  • Be honest and respectful

  • Be optimistic