Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

Kalkhoff designs and manufactures a wide range of reliable and practical electric bikes.

Germany's longest running bicycle company, Kalkhoff have been moving people from A to B since 1919. They are driven by a thirst for adventure, the need for mobility, a longing for freedom and confidence in our shared future.

Still designed and manufactured in their home town in northern Germany, Kalkhoff were at the forefront in developing and evolving mid-drive electric bikes that are so popular today. 

Kalkhoff offers a broad range of well-priced high-performance urban, touring and all-terrain electric bikes. They are powered by Bosch mid-drive systems and are renowned for their comfortable ride position.

If you want German-made quality, prefer a more upright ride position and want a comfortable all-rounder then put a Kalkhoff ebike on your list. A Kalkhoff ebike is your ideal all-rounder: ideal for urban transportation, touring and everyday recreation.


Note that Kalkhoff's uses platform levels of 1,3,5 and 7 to indicate the durability and quality of each bike's component specifications.

Platform level 1 bikes generally have an easy to remove battery sitting on the frame rather than integrated into the frame and the gears, brakes and general components are mid-range.

Platform level 3 bikes generally have their battery integrated into the frame and again have mid-range components. Some models come with Gates Belt drives and internal gears.

Platform level 5 bikes have larger capacity batteries integrated into the frame, more powerful motors and higher level components.

Platform level 7 bikes offer the highest capacity batteries integrated into the frame, the most powerful Bosch motor and an even higher level of componentry.

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